Why Troovo? Why now? My story: Troovo CEO Kurt Knackstedt

Posted by Kurt Knackstedt

I’ve been in the travel industry for quite a while now, and before that dabbled extensively in the early days of the Internet and e-commerce. Thus I believe I can confidently offer the viewpoint that the impact technology has had on the travel industry is as frustrating as it can be breathtaking.

I’ve had the opportunity to experiment with new online booking tools and mobile platforms, seek creative utilisation of global distribution systems, find ways for travel industry customers to adapt and adopt solutions for a bewildering complexity of needs – amongst other fun challenges.┬áBut all through these years and exciting developments one aspect has always nagged at me – that despite all these amazing advancements in technology, the costs of these solutions keep going up and the benefits of them continue to be either opaque or not fully understood.

Which is why I was so excited and thrilled to get the opportunity to launch Troovo back in May of 2015: finally a technology which actually helps reduce costs to the company using it, rather than just making something “cool” or “sexy” but only added to the expense line. I’ve never been one to seek out technology for technology’s sake, and that’s why Troovo is different.

We help eliminate costs from our customers, not just provide a new way to do something but which doesn’t solve the core issue. My primary focus for Troovo is to ensure that every customer of ours sees permanent reduction in their processing costs and improves their operating margins. Yes, we use some fantastic and next-generation technology to do that, and yes we are way out in front with regards to leveraging robotic process automation in one of the most complex transactional industries there is. However, first and foremost Troovo is in the business of driving profitability for our customers – that’s why I’m here and that’s why the time is now to let us show you what we can do!

I look forward to helping write your own company’s success story very soon.

Drop me a note at kurt.knackstedt@troovo.com or give us a call on +61 2 8318 8030.