Why Troovo couldn’t care less about NDC.

Posted by Kurt Knackstedt

Recently the Company Dime (click here for site) did an article about how NDC is starting to catch out many TMCs with respect to how they plan to handle new PNR elements and formats given legacy mid- and back-office systems still prevalent in the TMC world. It’s a great read and highlights the challenges many TMCs are now facing in dealing with processes and systems which are nowhere near ready to handle NDC enabled transactions.

(You need a subscription to the Company Dime (highly recommended!) to read the article – click here.)

Troovo’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) engine could not care less about NDC. Why? Because Troovo is not a traditional mid-office system built on legacy PNR formats, scripts and routines. Our API-enabled robotic engine can ingest ANY type of formatted transaction regardless of where it came from – GDS, NDC-enabled GDS or anything else which is not a GDS but generates a transaction record – and process it virtually with no further intervention required. We can then automatically re-format it back into a legacy data schema to allow it to be integrated into any back-office, ERP or reporting platform (no matter how old or new that platform might be). All with absolutely no impact to the TMC workflow.

So, if you are a TMC that’s using a system which is now keeping you up at night wondering how the hell you’re going to handle NDC transactions, allow us to help you sleep easier. Come visit us at the Travel Technology Europe exhibition alongside the Business Travel Show next month in London (for more information click here) and we’ll show you how you can join the “couldn’t care less” club around NDC!