Troovo and Stabilitas – helping to keep employees safe, connected and informed.

Posted by Kurt Knackstedt

Troovo is pleased to announce a fantastic new partnership with Stabilitas, an amazing group of people who are committed to delivering the most state-of-the-art platform for risk management, communication, data intelligence and employee engagement available anywhere. Not only are they brilliant at what they do, they’ve also “done it” themselves – Stabilitas’ leadership and employees have direct experience dealing with crises and challenges all around the world, and that experience shows in the way they’ve built their technology. Their founders learned first-hand that organizations across many industries needed a new platform that leverages crisis communication and mass notification with intelligence collection and reporting. Combining their on-the-ground experience in the world’s most challenging security environments with state of the art and machine learning expertise, Stabilitas is committed to helping security leaders focus on opportunity, not just risk.

Troovo plays a key role in providing travel-related data to the Stabilitas platform through a fully-robotic, cloud-based integration which sees booking and traveller data from all around the globe fed directly into Stabilitas. A simple yet technically elegant approach to our collaboration ensures that travel data is seamlessly integrated and updated in Stabilitas within seconds of being picked up and processed by Troovo. Our solution is currently rolling out worldwide and we’re excited to bring a whole new era of duty-of-care technology to the fore. See more about what they do and follow their blog all at

Thanks to our new friends at Stabilitas for the opportunity to collaborate, and we at Troovo are looking forward to working closely together and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible ever further forward!

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