Your journey towards
business growth.

I joined the travel industry to do data processing
(said no one, ever!)

No one really wants to do manual data entry; it’s dull, difficult, and time-consuming.
And, as it turns out, boredom is bad for business.

  • Your employees
    are looking for a more meaningful
    scope of work.
  • Your customers
    are looking for a personal,
    professional, & accessible HUMAN
  • Your business
    needs to become more efficient to
    meet both these needs and allow
    business growth.

The Growth Cycle

Your needs, Your choice.

Troovo Travel offers a fully robotic solution for the entire booking process from start to finish.
However, it’s built in a modular way so that you can choose only the key areas you want to focus on.


Simplify Data

Our robotic data processor simply pulls booking/ordering data from one source, analyzes and formats it, and then sends it to its destination.


  • Data downloader
  • Data publisher
  • Data integrator

Improve Operational

Seamlessly processes any type of travel transaction, performs ticketing and pricing benchmarking, and provides a full validation of agency or client specifications.


  • Virtual payment processing
  • Ticketing
  • Benchmarking
  • Document production and delivery
  • Quality control

Generate More

Automatically identifies and processes transaction fees for you, calculates and applies the right air commission, and offers you a complete online solution.


  • Transaction fee management
  • Air commission calculation
  • Troovo online booking tool

Need to combine specific features from other modules?
Not a problem – contact us and we will help you tailor the right solution for your business.

The Troovo Effect

Troovo uses intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to improve operational efficiency by
removing processing costs and allowing your employees to focus on value-add activities.
That means you can:

    1. Make your business scalable
      No matter how many new transactions you’ll bring, it’s never too much for the robots. They work 24/7, 365 days a year to support your business growth.
    2. Improve your operational efficency
      Save time, money, and effort by seamlessly processing any type of booking / order / transaction without any manual handling.
    3. Increase your level of accuracy
      100% mistake-free data processing. No more airfare commission mistakes and fines. No more angry customers!
    4. Boost your customer experience
      Offer your clients the convenience of both forefront technology and a personal, professional human touch.
    5. Enhance your professionality
      Enable your agents to focus on value-add tasks, learn new methods, and widen their experience in order to deliver impeccable, professional service.
    6. Grow your revenues
      Maximum efficiency, minimal mistakes, professional and motivated employees, happy customers, and the ability to process an endless number of transactions are all the foundations for business and revenue growth.

Ready to begin your growth journey?