RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. It is intelligent software which enables businesses to utilise a virtual workforce to automate repetitive, rules-based tasks in order to streamline processes, improve operational efficiencies, and gain more revenues, all with unmatched accuracy.

RPA suits any highly transactional business that is looking to improve its operational efficiencies, boost its capabilities, and save time and money on any kind of processing. In fact, RPA is for any business that wishes to stay competitive and innovative in today’s disruptive business environment. The increasing demand for a personal, fast, always-available human service encourages companies to adopt innovative tech solutions, and businesses who fail to do so are falling behind their competition.

Troovo Travel offers a set of RPA solutions which will help your business grow. It improves your operational efficiencies by streamlining processes and removing any manual handling from your operations team. That means your employees will now have the time to focus on value-add tasks and deliver better, faster, and more professional service to your customers, and if your customers are happy, they will come back.

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With Troovo, you don’t just pick an off-the-shelf solution and implement it; you’re advised for the best solution combination that fits your business’s automation needs, specifications, and restrictions. We offer a FREE growth analysis workshop to help define your needs first, then we’ll recommend the relevant RPA solution for your business.

The term ‘Robotic Process Automation’ sounds complicated and complex, but at Troovo, we like to keep things simple. Think about it as a rule-engine sitting at the back of your system – and once the transaction is made by your client, Troovo Travel automatically kicks in and starts processing it for you. It downloads the data, analyzes it, issues required documents, performs benchmarking, calculates air commissions and transaction fees, and performs an unparalleled QA to ensure zero mistakes and maximum efficiency for each and every transaction. Feel free to contact us for further details about our solution and how it works.

RPA is an exciting technology that Troovo has harnessed to take travel transaction processing to an entirely new level. RPA allows Troovo to leverage database-centric processing of transactions, which enables us to support both existing and new data formats (such as IATA’s NDC) seamlessly. Troovo’s soluion is also the only one that is also :
– Easy to implement
– Requires minimal costs and efforts to maintain
– Has no interface = there’s no need to train people on the system
– Highly connectable – it literally takes us one day to connect to your system, a couple of weeks to set up (as described below), and then you’re good to go!
– 100% agnostic and unbiased

Troovo Travel can be up and running in as little as 2-3 weeks for simple workflows and processes to generally 8-12 weeks for more complex operations. However, even large operations can benefit from Troovo’s RPA solutions quickly as we generally recommend a phased approach to rollout out our solutions so we can tackle quick wins first and build on success from there.