your virtual workforce,
your actual growth.


is RPA ?

Robotic Process Automation is intelligent software which enables businesses to hire a virtual workforce to automate repetitive, rules-based tasks in order to streamline processes, improve operational efficiencies and gain more revenues, all with unmatched accuracy.


is RPA for ?

RPA suits any highly transactional business that is looking to improve its operational efficiencies, boost their capabilities and save time and money on any kind of processing.


in it for MY business ?

RPA is all about efficiency: it automates all of your business’s grunt, rules-based tasks, leaving your employees the time to focus on revenue-generating opportunities, while reducing operational costs and increasing your level of accuracy.

Stay ahead of your competition

“13% of companies surveyed are actively investigating RPA and that automation is to remain strategically important for the next 10 years.” Deloitte

The increasing demand for a personal, fast, always available HUMAN service, has brought many companies to adopt RPA solutions that helps them stay competitive, innovative and efficient while providing the impeccable service their customers are looking for.

“I would advise to get people to just get started … because the risk is very low in this area, you can afford to do that”

AFR, Sep 2016


 Info-graphic courtesy Mindfields Consulting.

The key characteristics of RPA


faster, cheaper and easier operations


unlimited processing capabilities, forever


100% mistake-free data processing


frees up your employees from grunt manual
work and allows to become more
professional at what they do

Improved customer experience

offers the combination of both innovative
technology and a personal, professional,
human service

Revenue Generating

helps your business grow through
cost reduction and improved efficiency

RPA is a promising new development in business automation
that offers a potential ROI of 30–200 percent—in the first year


Is your business ready for RPA disruption ?