Virtual payment is a new and safe way to perform online transactions. It allows a person or a business to make an online payment with a one-time, limited charge, virtual credit card without being exposed to the potential risk of fraud.

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Troovo does all the required actions that need to be done in order to process your virtual payment, including creating your virtual credit card for you. It also notifies the merchant about the new card details and updates the order records with the new card number. In fact, Troovo makes sure that you can use virtual payments without any hassle, at maximum efficiency, and in the cheapest possible way.

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Troovo Virtual Payments has three main advantages :

It’s flexible – we can process any type of virtual payment coming from any booking system out there. We don’t care what system the booking, purchase order, or transaction originates from; we can process it against a virtual card or payment method regardless of where it was created.

It’s agnostic – Troovo works with any payment provider, issuer, scheme or crypto/block chain based platform

It’s (much!) cheaper – thanks to our latest cloud-based infrastructure, we process virtual payments for a fraction of the cost of other providers and—good news for payment providers—we don’t charge a processing fee to the issuer or scheme.

Much simpler than you think! Our basic payment capability can be up and running in a matter of hours. For more complex configurations or payment policies, we sit with you and your payment partner to map out how you’d prefer to use your virtual payment capabilities to the fullest, then configure and deploy them over a matter of days.

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No. We don’t provide any training simply because there’s no need to! Your people don’t need to do a thing; Troovo’s virtual robot processes everything without the need for any people to learn anything whatsoever. Once Troovo is set up, that’s it. Nothing to learn, nothing to install, no user interfaces to log in to. It’s really that simple.