Our Partners.

AirPlus’ complete set of payment solutions are fully virtualised with Troovo. Use any booking tool, GDS or content source and Troovo makes payment with AirPlus totally seamless.

Troovo provides robust processing logic which enables us to be able to choose different forms of payment for different components of the same transaction. For travel agencies that support American Express card clients, this means our logic can fully automate when to use Amex’s Business Travel Account (BTA) or vPayment virtual BTA for the air booking and an Amex Corporate Card for hotel, car and incidentals – without any agent intervention or re-queuing online bookings. Troovo was also the first robotic platform in Australia to support the Amex BTA e-inovice platform with complete enhanced data integration.

Troovo’s RPA engine is integrated with Lido’s hotel chargeback capabilities, which are heavily used by corporate and government accounts in Australia. The efficiency gain is through Troovo enabling hotel payments done by TMC’s on behalf of corporate clients without manual processing or complex booking tool integration.

Troovo provides full enhanced data integration with Mastercard InControl for both T&E and B2B payment types. Our RPA logic can be applied to use multiple card types within the same transaction, so that different cards can be used for different suppliers – with no manual checks or re-queuing required. We also support the highest level of enhanced data for both travel and other supplier categories ensuring Mastercard issuing banks offer their business customers unparalleled data integrity and quality.

Troovo is pleased to be a Microsoft Gold partner, and an enthusiastic user of Azure. Troovo’s ability to deploy quickly in any market via Azure assures our customers of robust, scalable and efficient infrastructure for our robotic applications. We also take full advantage of utilising the latest software development and support tools from Microsoft within our development efforts to ensure we’re quick-to-market and ready to support any customer requirement.

Troovo Payments is transforming the way Orbit World Travel utilises virtual cards for their customers and within their operations. Troovo has eliminated nearly all the touch points from their previous virtual card process and drastically reduced the cost of utilising virtual payment.

Room-Res is a hotel booking site built especially for travel agents to find the best hotel for travellers and for them. Room-Res enables travel agents to both deliver the best value for their customers while giving the agent the best potential profit margin.

Troovo provides Room-Res customers fully robotic integration of Room-Res bookings into their existing workflow, automatically matching a PNR with the Room-Res booking and updating the booking record with the hotel segment. This clever yet elegantly simple integration saves time, effort and eliminates errors which are all great benefits for Room-Res and their agent customers.

Troovo can integrate your data with any back-office or reporting platform. We especially like what the guys at Travelogix are doing though – check them out at www.travelogixltd.com

Troovo has teamed up with Stabilitas to provide real-time integration of travel data to Stabilitas. Troovo’s technology now seamlessly and instantly integrates all travel data into the Stabilitas platform giving customers real-time traveller tracking information on staff, no matter where they are in the world. It’s an elegant, readily accessible solution that enables companies to track staff members’ locations and importantly, advise them on potential threats before they touch down and during their stay.

Serko and Troovo Technologies have partnered to provide the world’s only fully virtualised travel transaction process. The combined capabilities ensure that booking and changing travel arrangements using Serko Online and Zeno requires no human intervention by the travel management company to process or finalise. This provides travel companies and corporations a fully integrated and virtualised travel booking, processing and payment system.

Troovo supports Visa’s B2B Virtual Account Payment Method for Visa issuing banking programs. Troovo can enable Visa issuers the ability to leverage the full range of Virtual Account Payment Method benefits including robotic configuration and generation of cards and integration of the highest level of enhanced data. Our RPA logic also can be applied to use multiple card types within the same transaction, so that different cards can be used for different suppliers – again with no manual checks or re-queuing required.


Troovo and WEX are collaborating to unlock travel and B2B spend using Troovo Payments and WEX virtual cards. The partnership is focused on empowering travel and business to realise the full benefits of virtual payments. Through this partnership, Troovo will provide WEX customers the ability to streamline virtual payments with no development effort, costs or changes to existing workflows.

Troovo supports bookings from all major GDSs via our innovative single API. This includes all local and regional distribution versions including Apollo, Axess, Galileo, Infini and Worldspan. Troovo also supports IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) via either GDS or NDC-enabled booking platforms.