News Release: Troovo and mTrip integrate and partner on mobile virtual payments; launching new functionality via ALTOUR mobile app

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Montreal, Canada and Sydney, Australia — Two of the travel industry’s most innovative technology companies have come together through an integration and partnership designed to enhance the mobile and payment experience for business travelers.

Troovo Payments, the world’s only virtual card processing platform powered by Robotic Process Automation, is now integrated with mTrip’s mobile app and platform solutions. This partnership will provide mTrip customers and their corporate travelers the ability to access and display any and all virtual cards generated within their travel bookings including both the front and rear of the card.

mTrip Founder and CEO Frederic de Pardieu said “virtual cards continue to transform the travel booking and payment experience through higher security and better data, however the traveler’s user experience must also be considered to ensure high adoption. mTrip’s world-leading custom mobile experience is now further enhanced with the Troovo Payments integration so that travelers around the world can now access their virtual card details at their fingertips via their travel agency’s mobile app powered by mTrip. But innovation is not only about technology, it takes a client’s great vision to make things happen and ALTOUR and ConsenSys are definitely leading the way!”

“We are excited to work with the innovators at mTrip to bring together two best-of-breed solutions into one great traveler experience,” said Troovo Co-Founder and CEO Kurt Knackstedt. “The seamless integration of traveler’s itinerary information displayed with the virtual card details for each segment of the booking means the traveler has everything they need for a hassle-free journey with their virtual cards. Combining the security and accuracy of robotically-generated virtual cards with the visibility of those cards directly within the traveler’s mobile ensures that the value of virtual cards is fully aligned across both corporate and traveler needs.”

The new virtual card functionality will be launched in partnership with travel management company ALTOUR’s joint-venture partner Milne Travel via the ALTOUR mobile app. The first customer to enjoy the benefits of this capability will be blockchain technology company ConsenSys whose travelers will begin using the enhanced app next month.

“We’re delighted, along with ConsenSys, to be Troovo’s North American launch partner. Troovo will make our operations more efficient and save our clients time and money” according to ALTOUR CIO Laura Mattingly. “And, the integration into the ALTOUR app from mTrip will be loved by travelers”.

ALTOUR Chief Operating Officer Barry Noskeau also is excited for the new partnership. “It’s a big advancement over earlier technology. Coupled with a talent-rich TMC like ALTOUR and Milne Travel, this is an important building block in the revolution that’s coming to corporate travel. We are impressed with Troovo and their people, and I am sure we will see more from them,” Noskeau said. “I’d like to personally thank everyone working on this project, especially Tarik Sedlarevic of Troovo, Kathy Carr of ALTOUR’s JV partner MILNE Travel and Mat Domaradzki of ConsenSys for the success your efforts have enabled”.

Mat Domaradzki, Global Travel Manager for ConsenSys is thrilled to be launching Troovo via the ALTOUR mTrip app. “As a blockchain technology company it’s important for us at ConsenSys to always be pushing boundaries, but as a business we also need to ensure we are driving efficiencies and looking after the needs of our colleagues as well. Using virtual payment within our travel program and adding a great traveler experience via the ALTOUR mobile app is the perfect combination of looking after both our business as well as what our travelers want. We’re excited to be the first US company to deploy Troovo alongside the ALTOUR app by mTrip, and look forward to our ConsenSys travelers having virtual payment at their fingertips”.