Helping the travel industry come out stronger.

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With airlines grounded, hotels empty and rental cars standing idle, the effect of the pandemic on the travel industry has been devastating. Bringing a $9 trillion industry to a virtual standstill for the length of time this crisis will require is unprecedented. However while everything has stopped, it’s imperative for travel businesses to use this time to review, reinvent and energize their operations and get ready for the recovery. The travel industry has been through shocks before but never one that will likely last as long and cut as deep that this one will. Now more than ever travel companies need to make lasting changes and seek new ways of ensuring their business is built to withstand challenges and prepare themselves for the future.

Here at Troovo, we have been tremendously buoyed by the engagement with numerous local and global companies who are using this time to develop enhanced, cost-saving solutions for their operations, clients and travellers. One such development with Troovo has been with a range of businesses, from one of the world’s largest card issuers, to several European banks and various global travel management companies. Troovo is delivering patented technology and our unique know-how to enhance the virtual card payments process and provide value add to all parties in the supply chain while providing a vastly improved experience for the corporate and its travellers.

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