Being busy is not always a good thing.

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As a provider of robotic process automation software, through countless sales cycles here at Troovo it’s become obvious that our most fearsome competitor is “too busy!” Many companies we speak to are often so flat out trying to keep up with the day-to-day that there is little to no chance they can find time to transform their organisation. Often this is viewed as a positive thing, as many times it is a result of new client wins or more sales volume coming in the door. And of course more business is better than less business, but that doesn’t mean that you can keep that illusion up forever.

Growing a company is a tough task, no doubt about it. And there’s often little time between when you are hoping for business to come in and when you actually get it. It’s pretty rare you win a new client and they say “take all the time you need to implement, we’re happy to wait until you’re totally ready”. And so it goes: closing deals leads to more volume leads to cranking up the machine and pulling out all stops to make it all work, often without even a second to consider, “is my machine actually ready to handle all this?” Sure it’s easy to just hire more people to throw at your growth problems, but what happens when there are no more people available worth hiring? Or you win a client that’s double the size of any client you’ve won previously?

If you are continually finding yourself responding “insanely busy” every time someone asks you how things are going, you may need to stop and think as to whether you can keep this up and avoid actually going insane. If your business is growing fast, then the sooner you take time to think about how you’re going to continue to handle that growth the better, otherwise you will definitely end up pedalling harder than you ever expected or wanted to on your square-wheeled bicycle.

If you want to know how best to scale up your operations to handle your growth, why not give Troovo’s free growth analysis workshop a try? Yes, it’ll take a couple hours out of your busy day, but the sooner you get those square wheels swapped out for round ones, the sooner you’ll breathe easier knowing your business can now truly scale for the future!