The world of reality has its limits,
but the virtual world is boundless.

At Troovo, we explore the endless possibilities of the virtual world and utilize them to expand the possibilities in the actual world.

We believe the main challenge is not just to develop the solutions; it’s also keeping them simple, easy to use, and future-proof that makes the difference.

We’ve developed intelligent Robotic Process Automation solutions that enable even the most complicated industries (such as travel, payment, and procurement) to fully automate their workflows and processes. And with this spirit, we’ve created Troovo.

Kurt Knackstedt

CEO & Co-Founder

With over 20 years of experience in creating technological solutions for the travel technology industry and with a deep understanding of the corporate world, Kurt is dedicated to the idea of freeing people up to do work they enjoy and are good at, not punching keyboards and being miserable.

Richard Savva

Co-Founder & Director

Richard has the unique perspective of being the CEO of Troovo’s first customer and is now focused on leveraging his leadership skills and business development acumen to help Troovo’s global growth and expansion.

We cherish Agnosticism

We thrive on Challenges

We love Efficiency

We hate Grunt Work

We’re happy to share our values with your business.
Let’s meet – coffee’s on us!

Troovo HQ: Suite 3, Level 23, 66 Goulburn Street

Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia

+61 2 8318 8030

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